Marshmallow, our new Desert Hamster

After more than ten years of having only other small pets (mice, a Chinese dwarf hamster, and now a gerbil), we have once again added a desert dwarf (Roborovski) hamster to our family.

His name so far is Marshmallow. That may change as we get to know him better (although I doubt it because the name really fits him when he sits in a cute little ball).

As you can see, he is pure white - a color that did not exist when we had our previous Roborovski hamsters. I believe this color was first bred in England, and is still rare.

So when I saw him, I was fascinated. The fact that he kept looking at me as if he was also fascinated convinced me that he should become a part of our family. (I also believed it would be interesting to have both a Mongolian gerbil and a desert dwarf hamster at the same time since their native habitats in the wild overlap.)

Marshmallow was calm and curious during the ride home. I had him in a pet carrier so he could see where he was, and kept talking to him. And he seems to have adjusted quickly to his new home yesterday. He foraged, played, and slept during the night. And he was awake to greet me and take a tiny treat from my hand bright and early this morning!

Like all the other desert dwarf hamsters we have had, he is adorable!

And when you look at him, you can't help smiling!

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