Bright Spot's Day

Bright Spot's day starts with a morning snack. His snack consists of corn and sunflower seeds which he has placed in his wheel so he can eat before he exercises.

Then he takes a morning jog. He jogs about 30 turns of his wheel, which equals about 10 yards in one direction, then turns around and jogs about 30 turns, or ten yards in the other direction.

Then he takes his first morning nap. Sometimes he is tired from jogging so he takes his nap right there in his wheel. Sometimes he is so sound asleep that he topples out of his wheel, and he wakes up, blinking his eyes and wondering what happened.

Otherwise, his nap usually lasts about half an hour. Then he wakes up and sniffs the air to see if his breakfast has been served.

By then, his breakfast is waiting for him along with a bowl of fresh water. He sits himself down next to his breakfast bowl and enjoys the tasty combination of oats, dried fruits, millet, dried vegetables, and freeze-dried cricket.

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Text, photos, and source code © Merry L. Morris