Desert Hamsters Are So Cute! -- Buffball, Fluffball, and babies
Text, photos, and source code © Merry L. Morris

Desert Hamsters are so cute!
and they make the cutest families!

Buffball, Fluffball, and 3 youngsters
Buffball, Fluffball, and Babies -- A Family Portrait

You may think the five members of the family all look alike. But if you watch them play for hours, you will be able to tell who is who.

Buffball (on the far right) is the largest. He is the father and head of the family, although not necessarily the boss. Fluffball (on the far left) is the second largest. She is the mother. She thinks she is the boss, and so do the others (think she is the boss, that is).

The three young ones shown in the photo above are, from left to right, Explorer (male), Big Boy, and Shy Baby (female). These three cuties are not Buffball and Fluffball's first babies. Or even their most recent babies. They are, however, the only ones who lived longer than two weeks.

I am not sure why the others did not survive, but I am very glad that these three made it to young adulthood.

Click here to see photos of the babies as they grew.

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