Desert Hamsters Are So Cute!

Desert Hamsters are so cute!
See for yourself!

NOTE: Desert hamsters are not easy to find in pet shops. In fact, most pet shop owners in the Philadelphia area are not even sure what a desert hamster is.

So far, I have found only one pet shop in the Philadelphia area that sells desert hamsters so the list below is short. (Please contact me if you own or manage a pet shop anywhere in the U.S. that sells desert hamsters and you would like to be listed on this site.)

Pet shops that sell desert hamsters(Updated 5/15/09 - thanks to Natalie for recent information):

  • Many PetSmart and Petco pet shops now sell desert hamsters (also known as roborovski hamsters).

You may also be able to purchase a desert hamster from an individual who lives near you and raises them. (Please also contact me if you raise desert hamsters that you offer for sale or adoption and live anywhere in the U.S. and you would like to be listed on this site.)

People who raise (and may sell) desert hamsters:
  • Kristen Torres, who lives in San Antonio, TX, raises several different kinds of dwarf hamsters, including desert hamsters. A photo showing some of her adorable desert hamsters is below.

Kristen's e-mail address is

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